Christian Education

Our youth education programs are held in conjunction with our sister church, St. Paul Lutheran Church in Byram.

WOW, or Worship on Wednesday

Dates: September 7, 2022 through May 2023
Ages: Pre-school through High School
Cost: Free will offering
3:00 - 5:30 pm
5:30 - 6:30 pm
7:00 - 8:00 pm
After school program
Family style supper (all are welcome)
Adult Bible study
Location: St. Paul Lutheran Church
286 Delavan Ave.
Greenwich, CT (Byram)

The St. Paul and First Lutheran Christian Education Program meets every Wednesday afternoon at St. Paul's in Byram startiing at 3:30 pm (you can arrive anytime after).  The children gather in the Fellowship Hall for a snack, then break into small groups. We offer open enrollment for pre-school through High School, including a Youth group.


In conjunction with the Christian Education program of First Lutheran and St. Paul Lutheran, we have a “Catechism Memory Program”. Each baptized child will automatically be enrolled in the memory work program which can then be completed at his or her own pace. The program consists of ten levels, each of which is paired with a reward.

For example, after memorizing the Ten Commandments and the Apostle’s Creed, a participant will receive a copy of their own story Bible. Levels of difficulty will increase as each participant advances in the memory program.
With this memory program, we hope to achieve the following objectives:
  - Encourage children to begin studying the core teachings of Christianity at a younger age
  - Assist parents in the sacred endeavor of raising their children in the faith
  - Foster a lifetime habit of personal piety and study of God’s Word
Please contact Pastor Scamman if you have questions about the program.